03 July 2010

can't wait

Play it >>> Sherina - Kembali Ke Sekolah

9th July almost come.wiiiii and i want a new shoes, bag, and the other bag, too bad my old shoes still work perfectly without any scars haha


or Should I broke my shoes?

krik krik krik.
*dead silence*

okay.let me change the conversation direction.

this is my dream list, and the good thing about it....
YAP!! my shoes will be not same for every single that boring day,


and look what i got there!Miu miu flat!!and it's for Thursday


Actually i don't care if i wear it Sunday or Wednesday, cause i wish i wear it everyday :p

If i wear a shoes like that, would my achievement  increase?if mya achievment increase,would i dare to say:

eeem father, can you buy it for me hahahaha


and this is what i will bring for school.
So, 9th July please come faster.This free time try to kill me slowly!

Inspired by :

lolita Pictures, Images and Photos

02 July 2010

movie, book, and song

1.The Movie : Despicable Me

Maybe there's some people ask : "why not eclipse?".I don't like that ugly romance, but nooo i'm not a girl who get jealous because i don't have a boyfriend, noo i'm not kinda of that person.But, seriously, the content of film is just about who bella will marry, a hot six pack boys half naked, and a ''bed'' scene.Maybe i'm laming this film so much, sorry.but, there's STILL a good side in this movie and i'll watch it with my friends.

I try to remind you all, the topic isn't eclipse!but despicable me.it's seems i talk to much about that.sorry.okay, then to the main topic.

It'll be realise 0n 9th July now, and it means i'm officially a high school student! oh, gosh i can't wait.i wonder if i will watch it with my high school friend together.and the best thing about it the creators use DE3D!!

uuuu 3D
*with green aliens in toy story intonation*

this year is a fame for 3d.sometimes, i miss classic cartoon like lion king, and the other.

2.The Book : The Creative License by Dany Gregory

More imagination source that i will have from this book!!that's means more crazyness think! I fall in love deeply with the cover, yap once again just because the cover.I can't wait to read this book!! Really!and, one thig for sure is another list for me before the school is started.
Like my father will buy this for me, oh i must be thrifty with my weekly pocket money.

3.The Song : Bella's Lullaby

I just know this song from my friend.My friend said:

"you can fall asleep if you heard this song for many times, even you had an insomnia!"

How i want learn this piano piece, too bad my ugly finger couldn't reach the notes.

01 July 2010

still about bjork

What an amazing performance, you really deserve an enormous applause from me.

my inspiration

My inspiration source is so manyyyy.but bjork, she's take my heart, at most.from her song, her powerfull and thrilling performance.she's different from the other singer who just think sing, money, and money.she's has many talent, she's an icon :D

from her album, homogenic photographer by Nick Knight, art directed by Alexander McQueen.
long live Alexander McQueen.

This is my favorite photo.her eyes sight is so straight and there's no hesitancy, it makes convicing you, that she's gold.I haven't see her film, dancer in the dark (2000) it's hard to get that dvd film in my town.

"i got a litte game that i play, when it goes hard i just

dreaming and all becomes music"


p.s: yesterday, i dreamed bjork was my mother.how strange is that?

30 June 2010


I'm here with a lame face cause this high school things aren't done yet.i get jealous with my brother who had fun in jogja :(

29 June 2010

really want it

Canon EOS 550D

28 June 2010

porcelain doll

Lately, i have a desire to collect porcelain dolls.it's cute, and kinda mysterious, and you don't know how much i love mysterious thing and that can be a reason why my friends called me weirdo girl.
But it's okay then.since my mother called me a wasteful girl, i decide to collect them annually.so, it more valuable when i clearly thought that.and when my daughter (future) birth, i will bequeath all of doll to her, and she will do it again to her daughter.can you imagine that??they can open a doll castle :D

For some reason this doll reminds me to my friend, diah :)

Next target : a bo peep girl doll :D

my day :D

yap, it's my day.althought i celebrated it without a party it's better than dudleys' treat to potter in his birthday :)

27 June 2010

just wake up

okay, 3 2 1 i'm already forget what i dreamed about.and this post completely unimportant.