10 July 2010


06 July 2010

I'm not a junior high school girl
neither a high school girl
it means i'm an unemployment girl!!

    yes i  have been an unemployment girl since one months ago.maybe.wish the school started faster please?too bad.the holiday is be extended and the school will started 15th or 19th.i don't know which one it's true, i hope it's 15th.

and suddenly my mom give me a job to do.
"dinta, you must pratice you play (piano)" 
and then come my father and give me a job.
"dinta, you must prepare for the school.so go to your room, and study"
and then my mom give me a job to do again.
"dinta you must clean your room"

so many a job's offer, but to lazy to do it haha
just sleep, eat, and online
take a bath?i try to do it haha

P.S : my keyboard tried to be a distater.it's hard to type "m and q"
haha luck for me, in this post it's rare i type "q"
but not for "m"