17 March 2012


i spent my day today in my father's little book.and i found some great statement from i-don't-know-who.it's written like this : in some pointssomething was born from an absence,
so, i started look at the nearest thing : my sweater.the sweater born because the absence of heat, and makes around us colder than usual, and therefore we need something to keep our body warm. 
second thing, Tupperware?born because the absence of human's ability in carrying their water to anywhere.and so on, i applied the statement to a lot of things in my room, and it was right, because we talked about someone's invention.
but then i change it into feeling
how's lust can born?jealously or greedy? it comes from the absence of what?
change it into something big
how's the universe can br created?i mean before the big bang theory?
from where The God comes?the absence of what?
okay.still in my head right now,  some points of what?i don't get it bro

16 March 2012

the most shitty drama ever