09 April 2011


I want to change my identity for the next 36 days.Start to move to somewhere quietly, leave my family and all in peace.I'll change my hair too dyed in pink pastel, wear new glasses like this girl in frankie magazine.

I speak fake french accent, and rent apartment in 79th floor.have a big window on the side, so i can see the night view alone with my cousin's teddy bear that i've stolen first.
the lonely teddy
 i'll draw my mind in on my tea while my laptop play the same song.

and i fall asleep in the condition soaked my self with the bubble in the bath.Wake up and just realise i can't pay the bills, so i run away using my bare food, I go to the hill, act like fool heidy, gotta playing with the lamb, and have a picnik in the middle of the forest.Then i realise that i lost, and i have nothing.So, i close my eyes, and follow the water sound that will guide me to a desirable place.