17 July 2010


      Sunday mornig, as usual watch doraemon and shinchan then sleeping all day, but today is different, i got a shock from a news that my cousin, tammy has gone forever last night.Seriously i can't believe that.yap it's been a long time since i haven't see her,i remember the last time we were eating rujak, and then watching tv in your house.and now, you already gone.

"good bye pals, i hope you're happy at there.I'm sorry i didn't come to see you. i regret it.i never forget the things that we have spent together.i never forget you, tammy.thanks for all.see you again."

11 July 2010

i have been searching for

    Hello Dolly (1969)

     It's an old musical.a bit jazzy!!the dancer is dancing so lively.the trumpet is blowing so merry, and of course it's better than vuvuzela.the dolly her voice is catch attention and... (can't describe it.wish i improve my vocab).i love  Louis Armstrong's voice in here.It's hard to search this.well better watch it on youtube, dinta -.-

"i said hello, dolly..  well hello" i can sing that song so many times until i forget how shock am i, when i just found 1$ in my wallet

This my second favorite : put your sunday clothes.yes, it is wall-e soundtrack.


stupid me i didn't realize that.but, no wonder for me,

Barbra Streisand you're the best!! your voice!!!OMG!!