25 December 2010

aaaaaaargh mr.orange comes to my house, and too bad i didn't see him because i was sleeping.seriously, 

why didn't you call me first?or atleast knock the door.and my house have a bell hellooo -.---

and he left me with a note and two oranges
i add some hair.you aren't BALD, right? --v

24 December 2010

this movie is desperately needed for my krik krik holiday

23 December 2010

between scarping and messy room

it's holiday wiiiiii :D
nothing to do.making a scrap book is the solution.
something is better than nothing, right? ;) 

closer look
my favourite page.still not done yet.will fill it with 1000 words
i got to much idea.get some rest.and started to find something something that i can do something to it.and......

i found my old magazine yippppie :D
i found my old album
I found my old REM - Nightswimming piano sheet.damn i forgot to play it.