19 December 2011

wise crack on the morning

feeling not-so-productive again.in the down stage.

i would change my bedroom

my bedroom is a mess.i preffer to chose the smaller room-next month we're gonna move to kemang.hope there won't be a problem- i would like to decorate my room with these things :
plants.to keep it fresh in the morning.it's a bad idea to face the fact that plants do breathing.but maybe not the real plants.the fake one maybe?
the old books.love the smells :D
old poster.all the scene from pierrot le fou please?

some glowy things.everything that an glow in the dark is the one of the coolest thing in the earth.

and the other is : a lot of boxes to keep my past thingy, will wrap that with the colourful rainbow ribbon.all my makeup stuff, candles maybe?o yeah my school stuff er.i want a lace thingy for my curtains.and little lamps in my bookself, porcelain dolls, all the cookies, big death tree(fake), christmast stuffs to hung in my death tree.and full jar of cookies.the big inspiration board, magz stuff, and good wallpaper on the wall.fabs right?imagine it