22 October 2011

      i didn't tell you.forgot.i've gone to paris yeeey.it was one of my big dream.i've been wondered what's eiffel tower looks like.krik.and it just like that.saachi's decision was right.

i took pola pics with pien, zsazsa, vira, kak willy
       why my pola camera is so sensitive to light?aaaargh.and i love impossible project but not their cockroach skin.it's annoying when you realize that 93% of your film has cockroach skin argh
       and it's sunday now.it sucks to waking up first.i curse everything and anything.and my latest curse goes to the shins cause i haven't been able to find their album.atleast do tour in here

any idea where can i buy the shins' album? 

21 October 2011


i do care actually.