30 September 2012

Holiday was yesterday, and yesterday is gone






20 September 2012

poor moon

a little bit messy, especially if you take a closer look in the moon.it's not a perfect circular.but moon isn't that perfect right?

15 September 2012


boo all boo.
     Greeting from my daily college day.yess!i'm a college student now.thanks to my igcse result so i can skip that national exam shit and etc^^
     Btw, lots changes here.first i lost my bang because i realize the fact that i was a bastard who always cover my acnes with that(ewh).acnes are just acnes, and whatever.second, i must deal with traffic jam for 3 hours a day, 4 times a week, it's a crazy thing called jakarta or mampang, or to be exact sudirman.i can't talk a lot muihihi, who will read this anyway?

throw an apple a day.

and the last.i tried to make collages.

11 May 2012

         help.i lost all my connection because i dropped my phone to toilet >.< of course it was an accident.well, it's annoying since i need a lot of information from my classmate about the over changing schedule.i hope this little accident won't affect myscores *nerd's angel face*

#nowplaying poormoon - widow

         it's some views from my apartment.i just love the light, it spreads.it's not too beautiful, but atleast it makes me feeling safe.hmm does it hurt if u can't contact him?

23 April 2012

if we were together right now, i'll play strawberry swing - coldplay
i moved out, no internet connection in here, no enough spaces in here, i got the smallest room.but if we look at the bright side you can get "lost in translation" atmosphere.
we got some ice cream, beefs, beers, mushrooms, etc.be fat don't care.come here if u want some.
why strawberry swing?i hate the facts that i can't get enough time to spend with you.

17 March 2012


i spent my day today in my father's little book.and i found some great statement from i-don't-know-who.it's written like this : in some pointssomething was born from an absence,
so, i started look at the nearest thing : my sweater.the sweater born because the absence of heat, and makes around us colder than usual, and therefore we need something to keep our body warm. 
second thing, Tupperware?born because the absence of human's ability in carrying their water to anywhere.and so on, i applied the statement to a lot of things in my room, and it was right, because we talked about someone's invention.
but then i change it into feeling
how's lust can born?jealously or greedy? it comes from the absence of what?
change it into something big
how's the universe can br created?i mean before the big bang theory?
from where The God comes?the absence of what?
okay.still in my head right now,  some points of what?i don't get it bro

16 March 2012

the most shitty drama ever

06 March 2012

So, this is not-to-surprising to be admitted as a fact but i do read a book.i started because i feel like such a loser when i know my bf loves to read.kidding deng.idid it because i found an easy way to practice my english,krikness overwhelmed.
and i have been wondered with this book

la metamorfosis de las mariposas espinillas.
is that a real book?

i already google it.but it's zero since i can't understand the language/

29 January 2012

okay.i need someone.
sunday, lazy time around.don't know what to do.actually there's some list wait to be done, but the timing isn't perfect.u know it has been busy 
what do you call notso busy but there's still left must to do something feeling
okay complicated.
btw, i will have an exam in next weeek.it's not a big exam, but it seems i pretend i dont care again or i really don't care?i remembered when i receive the mock test schedule last year.i cried endlessly, regret, and said : how come i didn't pay attention to the school for all this time all oveer again until i fell asleep.well regret  comes later.sounds like i got mental sickness, well maybe yes i do
but for today, i don't caree at all, because i already decide that i'm gonna be a something that doesn't havve any relation with science stuff.but i'm not sure yet.the hardest time to make a decision for your future.
what will i be?art marketing?fashion marketing?life is so close to money, and far away to the funeral lately.and to deep to think in that way.for this time i just give an easy question : do something or no?


someone : why r u always dressed like that?
me : actually i rarely dressed like this.i just dressed like this if i want to meet u or some other peps.i love to let  someone to think like : i am behaving like my dress.sometimes, i do dress like a college student, or agirl who doesn't care with her look , or a nerd, and most of them trapped to this kind of trick.i try to leave different impression to different peps.and  actually it begins when i met a mother, she was taking care her child, and waiting for her driver to pick her up, we had a little chit chat,  i told her that i was taking my s1 in marketing and blabla stuff, she did believe that.and here i am now, i love to tricking peoples.i enjoy it.because most of them always judge from cover.so, when peoples busy with their opinion, i always change the cover to see their reaction or treat or etc.basically yes, i love all the people, i'm not hating the society.i love how their minds work.