29 October 2011


"our youth is the most beautiful object."
focus is zero.but just love it ._.

28 October 2011

I usually bring this book to anywhere and anytime.once, i losted it, i got an electric shock and panic for a week, because this book is my de-a-reey,contains alot of draft of my mind ; shit, and the other shit.So it's rough.I also do doodle on it, and rough too, never success on it.The best thing on this book is the look.My friends said it looks like a bible.too bad it's not, i'm not that religious.and i'm too lazy to put the date, i'm not write a history.


just a little problem

i rarely speak about my relationship with my mr.orange on my blog.but for this time i'll give it a chance.honestly things are getting harder because of ..... it started from j.giveup?okey.jealously.Well, maybe it's something that not strangel to been heard as a problem in our love life.but you know, my big tendency to be stupid.I prefer to act like "see no evil, hear no evil, talk no evil" meanwhile things around me are so evil, plus a goodnews thati lost my positive side since my future haunted me.Soo, my eyes can't resist it, i took a little peek, and here we are now starting a new life as a friend a bestfriend with hugs and kisses

*strange conversation that we've had*

him : so, we aren't dating.but we did hug and kiss.so , my status is
me : madly in love with dinta.

 *the end*

conclusion : your status isn't matter as long as your love still exist :)