29 January 2012


someone : why r u always dressed like that?
me : actually i rarely dressed like this.i just dressed like this if i want to meet u or some other peps.i love to let  someone to think like : i am behaving like my dress.sometimes, i do dress like a college student, or agirl who doesn't care with her look , or a nerd, and most of them trapped to this kind of trick.i try to leave different impression to different peps.and  actually it begins when i met a mother, she was taking care her child, and waiting for her driver to pick her up, we had a little chit chat,  i told her that i was taking my s1 in marketing and blabla stuff, she did believe that.and here i am now, i love to tricking peoples.i enjoy it.because most of them always judge from cover.so, when peoples busy with their opinion, i always change the cover to see their reaction or treat or etc.basically yes, i love all the people, i'm not hating the society.i love how their minds work.

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